The Team

Meet the
minds behind the movement

Management Team

Trent McHugh


Steven Pirone

Director of Community Engagement

Our Board of Directors

Dan Lowe

Executive Leadership, Governance and Strategic Management

Cathy Gray

Public Relations, Marketing and Business Development

Justin Morgan

Senior Speech Pathologist, MBA, US Advisor

Simone Preece

Human Resources and Industrial Relations

Renee O’Neill   

Healthcare Management

Advisory Board Members

The Advisory Board has been established to support the CEO and Management team to operationalise strategic goals as set by the CEO and the Board of Directors to ensure compliance and regulatory standards are met. The Advisory Board provides specific advice for the broader organisation and members lead projects in collaboration with the management team. Our clinical Advisory Board members provide oversight of clinical systems and quality process to support the Lifehub Network community.

Alex Evans

Nursing and Clinical Risk

Jean-Paul Bizoza

Policy and Clinical Governance

Nicola Hayward

Healthcare Educator

Ailsa Leslie 

Allied Health Professional Development

Christopher Bryg

International Standards in Healthcare

Nazreen Pirone


Natalie Mayes

Industrial Relations and HR

Our Values.

At Lifehub Group, we live by our values


We are committed to leading the revolution in community healthcare by constantly exploring cutting-edge and creative solutions.


We foster an interconnected community where knowledge, resources, and experiences are shared, and every member’s contribution is valued and respected.


We strive to equip healthcare professionals with the tools and support needed to build their brands and practices, ensuring quality healthcare services are widely accessible.


We promote a culture of perpetual growth and professional development, keeping our community at the forefront of healthcare practices.


We uphold transparency and honesty in all our interactions, building a community anchored on trust and ethical practices.

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As Henry Ford put it, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Join the Lifehub community and be part of a network that supports your healthcare business to thrive.