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2023 – The Beginning

After working with frontline staff and at the executive level in health and community services across Australia and New Zealand, Lifehub Group CEO, Trent McHugh, began designing a new approach to community-based care.

He realised that health professionals were often lacking comprehensive support and resources to respond to client needs, had limited training opportunities in remote areas and were often isolated from a team environment when working in smaller services.

Clinicians were often under pressure to meet or exceed KPI’s and many organisations struggled to understand the complexity of community based health care. Experienced clinicians who had incredible skills sets were often overworked and lacked creative control over service delivery. This often led to burn-out and clinicians feeling unable to support clients and families in a way that was consistent with their professional values.

With a team of like-minded professionals from around the world, Lifehub Group was created as a healthcare network that would change how health professionals supported clients, families and each other. Lifehub Group is a complete wrap-around service for clinicians to own and operate their own business, backed by the resources of a major institution.

Our vision is to bring people together, improving business systems and creating a thriving community for healthcare innovation.

Throughout the development of Lifehub Group, we consulted extensively with allied health professionals and business leaders to build a team dedicated to:

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Lifehub Group’s commitment to excellence extends beyond supporting clinicians to encompass their clients, providers, caregivers, and the broader community. We believe in forging partnerships and collaborating with various stakeholders, in Australia, and worldwide, to create a strong support network for those we serve.

Innovating with Technology

Embracing the potential of technology in healthcare, Lifehub Group is at the forefront of innovation. We harness emerging tools and telehealth solutions to ensure seamless communication, remote consultations, and continuous support for our clinicians.

Empowering Independence

At Lifehub Group, we strive to empower clinicians to focus on building their service and their skills to better meet the needs of their communities. We make it easy for any clinician or clinical team to set up and build their own healthcare business with all the support and quality systems you would have with a large organisation.

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